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Nobody's teeth are naturally, purely white, but every smile would look a little bigger and brighter if you make an appointment with Phoenix Village Dental in O'Fallon, MO today. We specialize in state-of-the-art techniques to get your teeth whiter than they've ever been!

Cosmetic dentistry services include

A comfortable dental care experience

  • In-house treatment

  • Bonding and whitening

  • Crowns and veneers

  • Bridges and partials

  • Chips and bonding

  • Color-matching technology for your existing teeth

We know that most people are nervous when it's time for their dental checkup or other procedure. That's why we do everything possible to keep you calm and comfortable.


Our dental team is fully trained and prepared for any situation. For your simple checkup, complicated cavities, and other procedures, don't worry – we're here for you!

Get your whitest smile ever!

Most insurance accepted

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